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Unique offer

CakeModern desserts are a fantastic opportunity to enjoy new sophisticated combinations of flavours or the classics which are presented in a new and improved form. I have carefully devised all recipes and now you can find the taste that will be ideal for you.

All decor shown in the photos is an example and each flavour can be made with a different decor.

Best ingredients

I care as much as possible about the quality of each dessert. For macarons I use only the best ingredients - almond ground, natural cream, the finest Belgian chocolate, 100% natural puree of fruits and berries and 100% nut paste, perfect coffee beans and homemade caramel in the filling. In addition, each component - ganache and fillings - is made by hand without the use of ready-to-use mixes.

A pinch of love

The secret of my macarons' perfect taste is simple - crispy-yet-chewy shells in the combination with the perfect filling. Well, there is also a secret ingredient... an extra pinch of love They might become your favorite and indispensable friends for every occasion - in a candy bar or just with cup of tea at home! Special decoration in a desired color, with a paint, text or logo of your company on top is available.

Cookie and Cream macaronMacaron with Cookie and Cream inside
Cookies & Cream
Caramel Mocha macaronMacaron with Caramel Mocha inside
hot beverage
Caramel Mocha
Strawberry Pistachio macaronMacaron with Strawberry Pistachio inside
Strawberry - Pistachio
Coconut Pineapple macaronMacaron with Coconut Pineapple inside
Coconut - Pineapple
Peanut Chocolate macaronMacaron with Peanut Chocolate inside
Peanut - Chocolate
Cherry - Vanilla macaronMacaron with Cherry Vanilla inside
Cherry Vanilla