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Below you will find information how each dessert can be decorated and examples of some decorations for cakes.


All cupcakes are covered with homemade special cream frosting and you can choose its color. Besides that, cupcakes can be decorated with chocolates, cookies, fruits, berries, macarons or small mousse desserts. There is also an option to order corporate decoration for business or advertising.


For macarons special decoration in a desired color, with a paint, text or logo of your company on top is available.


All cakes are covered with mirror glaze and you can choose its color. Simple decor depending on your preferences - chocolate decoration, text, meringues, berries or fruits, a few macarons or mousse desserts - is included in the price. Additional decoration is charged separately - chocolate flowers, spheres, crowns, a large amount of fruits or berries, edible drawing, toppers, cookies.


Macarons decoration on cakes
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Chocolate flowers

Chocolate flowers decoration
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Mousse hearts

Mousse hearts decoration
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Simple decor

Cake simple decor
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Berries decoration
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Text and drawing

Cake edible drawing
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Heart shape

Cakes in heart shape
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Chocolate composition

Chocolate spheres decoration for cakes
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