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Ania Polianchikova


Hi, my name is Ania and I’m the founder and confectioner at the wonderful place called “CakeModern boutique”. Ever since I was a little girl I loved making desserts and at some point I decided to make a living out of it. Before opening my own business, I learned a lot about the basics of baking to understand how all the processes work and how to create a great dessert. I took classes from chefs whom I admire and worked hard to improve my skills. Also, I earned experience in working in the food industry.

My journey and passion for making desserts brought me to starting my own business. CakeModern was a small home-based, registered business in Southampton, UK. Now in Palo Alto, I still continue to learn and work everyday to be more qualified and better chef for you. CakeModern has great ambitions to become your favorite place to order cakes or other desserts for any occasion. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and get your delicious cake, cupcakes or macarons today!

CakeModern’s mission is to create unusual modern desserts which will make clients happy regardless of the reason they have chosen it - for treating themselves to sophisticated desserts or for an amazing event such as birthday, a business meeting or a wedding. I believe that the right combination for the perfect service is an unique offer, best ingredients and individual approach. This is why I offer cakes that are modern and have the perfect flavour combinations, I use high quality ingredients without cheap substitutes and try to make each cake special and unique.

Checklist presented below will let you decide whether CakeModern desserts are a perfect choice for you heart-eyes

Why you should choose CakeModern boutique?
You are looking for a greater variety of flavours than just a sponge, jam and cream.
You think that decorating a cake with sugar paste / fondant is out of modern fashion or you often throw away most of the decorations, or remove the fondant from the cake before you eat it because of the lack of taste in such decorations. However, you still need a beautiful decoration for your cake and want it to be completely edible and very tasty.
You are tired of looking for an unusual gift for a loved person and want to surprise them with a personal and unique dessert.
Your business is looking for supplier of delicious goods to serve them as compliments for your customers or to make your client come back to you again for another cup of coffee with a macaron, a piece of delicious cake or one more cupcake.
Your theme party lacks a stylish cake, a set of cupcakes or a candy bar.
Sometimes you would like to treat yourself to something very delicious and sophisticated after a hard day/week/month.
You worked so hard that you completely forgot about a cake for an important event. Other confectioners are busy and you need the cake ASAP.
You have seen many beautiful pictures of unusual and delicious desserts on the Internet, but you're under delusion that you can taste them only in Paris or when you meet a guru of the pastry art.
You appreciate it when you receive a product that is made with love, passion and respect to you as a customer.

Unfortunately CakeModern won't suit you if
You prefer sugar paste decoration and are looking for a confectioner who will make a design in this style.
You think that it's better to buy frozen desserts or cakes from a supermarket, rather than treat yourself to fresh, very delicious and special dessert.
You think that a cake can be prepared using the best ingredients in the shortest possible time while its cost should be the same as a supermarket cake's cost.
You are looking for a pastry chef who will make a rip-off of a work of another chef.