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Unique offer

CakeModern desserts are a fantastic opportunity to enjoy new sophisticated combinations of flavours or the classics which are presented in a new and improved form. I have carefully devised all recipes and now you can find the taste that will be ideal for you.

All decor shown in the photos is an example and each flavour can be made with a different decor.

Best ingredients

I care as much as possible about the quality of each dessert. I use only the best ingredients without artificial flavour enhancers or cheap substitutes. Each component is made by hand without the use of ready-to-use mixes. I use 100% natural fruits and berries purees and 100% nut paste in the fillings, high quality fresh dairy products, the finest Belgian chocolate, homemade caramel and homemade glaze.

Individual approach

Each cake is unique thanks to mirror glaze and decoration! Regardless of an occasion, whether you need a birthday cake, wedding cake, party cake, baby shower cake, christening cake or any other cake - it can be decorated in the style of your special event. In addition, if you have allergies or gluten intolerance, I can take it into account and offer you a special cake.

New Black Forest cake with edible drawingChocolate sponge cake with cherries filling
New Black Forest
▸ Chocolate sponge ▸ Crunchy layer with dark chocolate ▸ Sweet Dark Cherry filling ▸ Vanilla cream ▸ Chocolate mousse
Tropical Heaven with simple decorCoconut sponge cake with orange filling
Tropical Heaven
▸ Coconut and almond sponge ▸ Crunchy layer with white chocolate ▸ Orange filling ▸ Pineapple cream ▸ White chocolate mousse with Malibu rum
Beautiful mousse cake with space glazeCaramel mocha cake inside
hot beverage
Caramel Mocha
▸ 2 Almond sponges ▸ Chocolate ganache ▸ Caramel cream with Mascarpone ▸ Coffee mousse with white chocolate
Cake with pink mirror glaze and edible chocolate tulipsInside of a guilty pleasure cake - pears, mousse, crunchy layer
Guilty Pleasure
▸ Sponge with pear pieces and pecans ▸ Crunchy layer with homemade caramel ▸ Pear filling ▸ Mousse with Mascarpone
Mousse cake covered with white mirror glazeMousse cake with chocolate edible flower covered with gold
chocolate bar
Two Chocolate
▸ 2 Chocolate sponges ▸ Crunchy layer with dark chocolate ▸ Dark chocolate cream ▸ White chocolate mousse
Chocolate crown, fruits and macarons on a cakeMousse cake with colorful mirror glaze
Chocolate Mango Passion
▸ 2 Chocolate sponges ▸ Mango and passion fruit cream ▸ Dark chocolate mousse with passion fruit juice
Baileys cake with mousse heartsChocolate sponge cake with Baileys cream
tumbler glass
Men’s Choice
▸ 2 Chocolate sponges ▸ Crunchy layer with dark chocolate ▸ Chocolate ganache ▸ Dark chocolate mousse with Capitan Morgan rum
Very Berry with berries and mousse heartsAlmond sponge cake with raspberry filling
Summer Garden
▸ Almond sponge ▸ Crunchy layer with white chocolate ▸ Strawberry filling ▸ Strawberry cream ▸ Vanilla mousse white chocolate